Owned and operated by Chatham-Kent resident Michael B. Knight, Level Custom Designs offers custom woodwork ranging from small, one-of-a-kind art pieces to full size dining tables and storage solutions for both residential and commercial applications.


Michael and his team operate with a combination of modern technology and traditional woodworking methods, both in design and construction. From hand drawn sketches to computer generated 3D renderings, from advanced CNC work to hand cut traditional joinery. With a balance of handcrafted detail and machine accuracy and efficiency, Level Custom Designs creates products to fill each client’s specific wants and needs in both form and function.


Level Custom Designs takes pride in hand selecting premium hardwood lumber, quality North American plywood, low to no VOC paints and finishes and meticulously sourcing the correct hardware for each specific project.


Michael believes in producing furniture and cabinets that are unique and appealing yet have structure and purpose: functional art pieces.